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17th China International Polyamide & Intermediates Forum

5 - 6 December 2019, Shanghai


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Since the 16th China International Polyamide & Intermediates Forum in December 2018, market conditions within the polyamide industry have been buffeted by various headwinds including: the escalation of trade disputes and tariffs between China and the United States; weaker global economic conditions; poor demand in the automobile industry; volatile feedstock pricing; and changing attitudes toward post-consumer plastic waste.

Focusing on those issues of wide concern, Tecnon OrbiChem and China Chemical & Fibre Economic Information Network (CCFEI) will jointly present the 17th China International Polyamide & Intermediates Forum from 4-6 December, at the Golden Tulip Shanghai Rainbow Hotel.

Rapid expansion in the Polyamide 6 value chain in China has presented the industry with a new set of challenges. Polymer producers are beset with financial losses due to oversupply and weaker demand, and are struggling to survive in a highly competitive environment. Will polymer producers survive in the current economic climate? Will Polyamide 6 continue to expand its share in textiles, engineering plastics and film sectors? What competitive advantage does industry integration bring to nylon yarn against other synthetic fibres?

Polyamide 66 polymer prices have been in steep decline for almost one year, primarily due to a slowdown in the demand from global automobile industry which shows no signs of abating. However, in 2018, it was supply-side concerns due to extreme tightness for certain feedstock materials, primarily adiponitrile that served as the focus of many market participants. Major producers have announced ADN capacity expansions, including some Chinese companies. Are the announcements indeed the first step toward localised adiponitrile production in China?

The trade dispute between China and the United States has resulted in tariffs being implemented on both sides across a wide range of manufactured goods. What is the impact of the Sino-US trade dispute on China’s textile industry?

Representatives of leading Polyamide industry companies are scheduled to attend the upcoming 17th Forum, including Shenyuan New Material, Ube, KuibyshevAzot, Sumitomo, Baling Hengyi, Xinhui Meida, Sinopec, Fibrant (formerly DSM Nanjing), Huafon Spandex, Shenma Group, etc., together with related industry associations and governmental institutes. Also, senior analysts from Tecnon OrbiChem and CCFEI will also present their papers.

Among the speakers featured in the 16th Forum in 2018 included representatives of the following companies or organizations: China Chemical Fibres Association, China Chemical & Fibre Economic Information Network (CCFEI), Tecnon OrbiChem, CHTC Group, Clariant, Fansu (Shanghai) Technology, Company Limited, Fujian Shen Yuanxin Material Company Limited, Horizon Insights, Invista, Radici, Uhde Inventa-Fischer AG, and Zhejiang Huafon


• Major nylon feedstock suppliers and traders home and abroad

• Major nylon 6 and nylon 66 fiber producers in China and overseas

• Engineering nylon plastics and film producers

• Major enterprises of nylon machinery, finish oil and auxiliaries home and abroad

• Related industry associations

• Related R&D and consulting institutes


Nylon Fiber Committee of China Chemical Fibers Association, China National Chemical Fiber Corp,


China Chemical & Fiber Economic Information Network (CCFEI), Tecnon OrbiChem

17th China International
Polyamide & Intermediates Forum

5 - 6 December 2019

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