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Prima Markets Joins the ResourceWise Group of Companies

November 11, 2022 | Tecnon OrbiChem

ResourceWise, a provider of commodity price data, analytics and strategic consulting to the forest products and chemicals industries, has acquired UK-based Prima Markets. Prima Markets is a global research and data provider for low-carbon fuels and energy value chain. The company also supplies the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) with its international UCO price benchmark.

Effective immediately, the company will be known as Prima Markets, from ResourceWise. Matthew Stone, Prima Market’s founder, will join the ResourceWise team as Managing Director. Fiona Ribbins will continue her role in business development as a Business Development Director at ResourceWise. Both will focus on the renewable energy side of the business. Terms of the acquisition, which became effective November 7, 2022, were not disclosed.

ResourceWise is a group of companies that provide data, analytics and market insight to commodity markets. Currently serving the global forest products and chemical value chains, the company’s mission is to expand into other commodity markets. With the Prima Markets addition, ResourceWise will be adding a third vertical focused on global decarbonization and the circular economy.

This purchase will allow ResourceWise to expand its price reporting of feedstocks for low-carbon fuels, from forest biomass—a specialty of Forest2Market, another ResourceWise company—to agricultural and agricultural waste products and other bio-based feedstocks.

“The addition of Prima Markets to the ResourceWise portfolio supports our long-term objective to be the leading source of data, business analytics tools, and consulting to a range of global commodity markets,” said ResourceWise CEO Peter J. Stewart. “With the acquisition of Prima Markets, ResourceWise gains Mat Stone’s more than 25 years of experience in global energy, a low-carbon fuel and feedstocks markets. This purchase will also allow us to expand our strategic consulting model to this new industry. I’m extremely impressed by what the team at Prima Markets has built and look forward to helping them grow to the next level.”

“We started Prima Markets in 2014 and spent the last 8 years building a company we are all extremely proud of, delivering market-leading data and analytics across the low-carbon fuel and feedstock markets. Our goal in joining ResourceWise is to enhance our international go-to-market strategy,” said Mat Stone. “With ResourceWise’s product development, sales and marketing teams behind us, we can better adapt to the rapid growth we have seen in the low-carbon fuels sector. One of our first goals is to deliver an online business analytics platform that provides the same high-quality data and insights that we have been supplying to global markets for nearly a decade. With the added benefit of ResourceWise expertise in forest products and chemicals, we can quickly expand our coverage of renewable energy and the bio-based, circular economy.”

About ResourceWise

ResourceWise was founded in 2021 to unify a group of companies offering price reporting, market analytics and strategic consulting for commodity markets. The companies in the ResourceWise portfolio focus on forest products, pulp & paper, chemicals, and agricultural products — natural-resource-based industries. Our intention is to serve additional industries in the natural resources space in the future with value chain optimization and sustainability-support services. For more information, visit

About Prima Markets

Established in October 2014, PRIMA is the leading research and price benchmarking agency (PRA) in the expanding international market for low carbon feedstocks and fuels. PRIMA focuses on the interface between biofuels, energy and agricultural markets in its unique suite of informational and analytical reports and web-based information services. PRIMA data is widely used in making trading and investment decisions in low carbon fuel and feedstock markets, in indexing physical contracts and as a financial settlement instrument in listed swap futures. For more information, visit



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