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Meeting 2030 Carbon Targets with PRIMA’s Carbon Mitigator Report

January 30, 2023 | ResourceWise

Logo of PRIMA Markets, a Resourcewise company.

Prima Markets, a ResourceWise company, has just launched the latest innovation in their line of data-driven research and reporting within low carbon fuels: the Prima Carbon Mitigator report. This is only available through the company's biofuel and sustainable feedstock pricing and analytics platform, Prima CarbonZero.

How can this report help you navigate the energy transition and meet your carbon targets?

The need for this report is simple: the energy transition is the greatest challenge humanity has faced to date. Yet the path to net zero emissions remains a minefield.

The Prima Carbon Mitigator report aims to create a fair and transparent platform to compare the costs and benefits of physical decarbonized fuel types and technologies without inherent bias. PRIMA welcomes feedback and input from IP owners and project developers to improve our understanding of specific solutions and better represent them in the marketplace.

This report guides market participants through this journey, highlighting the decarbonization opportunities which are fungible as well as theoretical, allowing for the best strategic decisions to be made.

Based on Prima Market’s reporting, these decisions will result in:

  • The most optimal economics
  • Significant carbon mitigation results
  • Strengthened Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) credentials
  • The highest feasibility of all the solutions on offer

Prima’s Carbon Mitigator is the first report that takes all the visible opportunities out there and pulls them together, creating a broad macro picture. This allows informed decision making with full market understanding considered.

The Major Task of Energy Transitioning

The energy transition is a hugely ambitious undertaking, with goals such as the Paris agreement already looking like it is slipping out of reach. On top of this, different regions are bringing in tough targets in the near term.

For instance, Europe is about to push through its Fit for 55 program with the aim of reducing GHG emissions by 55% by 2030. There is no silver bullet for achieving this hugely ambitious goal: all sorts of different fuel types and technologies will be required to get there.

Prima’s Carbon Mitigator report will keep its subscribers up to date with new decarbonized fuel alternatives that come to market. It will also deliver all the key information about these options to help consumers understand if they are suitable for hitting their own corporate decarbonization targets. This all comes through a balance between economics, feasibility and ESG considerations.

Working Together for Carbon Mitigation

As we press forward, Prima will work to create an ecosystem of market participants that can work together to achieve huge carbon savings.

These participants include all the following (and more):

  • End users looking to decarbonize their supply chain and industry
  • Investors seeking out opportunities
  • IP owners and project developers who want to put their technology to work
  • Traders who need to understand all the different elements in the market

With all these players, economically feasible projects and portfolios can be put together faster. This can create a win for those involved, and a win in the overall objective of global emissions reduction.

Learn More About Carbon Mitigator Today

This post was an introductory snippet from Prima Market’s Carbon Mitigator Report. It reflects the first full roadmap to guide you toward transitioning to meet 2030 carbon targets.

The report covers prices and feasibility and ESG scores for transport fuel markets in Northern Europe, including Germany, The Netherlands, and United Kingdom.

As an interactive publication, we want to hear from our subscribers about featured projects, new innovations, and more. We are all in this together, and the Carbon Mitigator aims to empower everyone to move forward toward carbon mitigation.

Learn more about the Carbon Mitigator and other critical data and analytics for low carbon fuels and feedstocks with Prima CarbonZero.

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